The 100-ball tournament from England The Hundred RAB from BGB in the draft of the second edition of the tournament 10 Bangladesh place but remained unsold from the drop, not only Bangladesh cricketers but also the big faces of cricket did not show any surprise in the draft of England's The Hundred Tournament. Let's see the new England Who got the place and who got tied up for the second season on 5th April, especially in the first edition of the huge popularity of the lake in the second season of 2022 wants to stand out in a more elegant way. Bangladesh Cricket Board Chris Gayle is on the list of big stars to win the T20 World Cup like Babar's Australia's David Warner Aaron Finch because the teams are interested in the West Indies series. Bolig

Samsi Mohammad Amir and a total of 10 cricketers from Bangladesh were raised. Shakib was the only one in the 1 1 lakh category but there were nine other cricketers in Bangladesh besides the matchless team. The Singapore cricket team has won the table table for taking the place of Mumbai at a cost of Rs 8 crore 25 lakh. Gets Sunil Narine Silchar Flight Rent Rocket She Gets Rashid Khan Colin Munro Merchant Elenga Anderson Marcus Steinis And Tim Debit Next 3 August 13 September