The England team floats in the joy of winning the World Cup. The end of the fairy tale in Australia is the end of twelve long years of regret at the hands of freelancers. Four World Cups Melbourne to London English supporters in the euphoria of winning the title in 2016. Finally, he did so, but in the final match, Pakistan had to leave the field with the biggest regret and disappointment, but did not get the trophy despite coming so close.

In a low-scoring match, Pakistan still dreams of victory, without dreaming or there is a way to reach the field of England or something like that. Maybe Chandni hides her face on the ground at a moment like Afridi's hamstring injury. to say eleven

Although Pakistan got off to a good start in batting against the TSI in Melbourne, Champ Current appeared first with a single. In the fifth over, Mamtar was not caught inside for just 15 runs. Shan Masood left the field for 8 runs, but Adil Rashid scored a pair of 39 runs to lead the team. This time he sent back Babar, who scored 32 runs in a brilliant delivery, then MPs Tristan Shadab Khan's 20 in Pakistan's Islam for 137 runs.

In the atmosphere of low scoring one match final, the ebb and flow fell in the exclusive dominance of England, the cup is in the hands of everyone, but the opposing team has no way to draw against Pakistan. Rhythm failed to get Ishrafil certificate for the fourth time. Jamiat's match captain George Butler could not stay on the wicket. He scored 26 runs. He said that 9345 on the scoreboard understood that if they want to win the World Cup on the field, they will have to take deliberate steps against them. Even though the pair of 139 runs on the wicket, Shadab Khan stepped into the Espin trap and cashed out. Brock, who scored 20 runs, said that as long as England needed a little bit of aim, England was under pressure and came into possession of the ball in the 16th over. And that made England's back easier then England won the match once in hand by 5 wickets Jos Buttler and Mahil their

No one could score 115 England's World Cup winning hero Ben Stokes made his first career T20I with a 49-ball 52. He won the World Cup 2016 final with 46 strokes in the last over. The death of David, the godfather of England cricket, on the day of the final was remembered by winning the title on the same day as the England T20 champion.