The tri-series has been organized in England, with teams from Bangladesh, India and England coming up. Bangladesh have confirmed the finals in the current series. So in the series bangladesh open their 10th match against England on monday, august 5. Hadda-Haddie struggled to tie the match in the end. no team wins the match. In this match, bangladesh batsman Touhid played great. he was unbeaten on 100 runs. England batted first with 256 for 7 in the first innings. Later, the bangladesh Under-19 team made an equal run to bat. Bangladesh lost 6 wickets. In England's innings was a hundred, half a century was also 1. On the other hand, Bangladesh's innings was also 1 century and half a century was 1. In this draw, the top of the table is 10 points in Bangladesh's 7 matches. The other team in the finals is India Under-19 with 7 points in 6 matches. And England's collection is just 3 points in 7 matches. Bangladesh will face India in the next match on August 7. The two teams will face the final on August 11.