Today I am going to talk about the very popular sites that you have heard from the born date till today. show the first one I would like to say is about Cricbuzz whose so is Pankaj. Do you know Cricbuzz is generating the revenue of dollar 8 million per year?

This is an estimation done by simply running the advertisement as well as publishing the sponsorship ads on their website as well as on their application. However the CEO Mr. Pankaj has been rated as a top scorer which is out of hundred he has been given 85 ranks.

On the second number, I would like to say about sportskeeda which is and publisher site as well as and match cricket news site. sportskeeda has also generated its revenue around dollar 5 million Pon year as well as their SEO Mr. Porush Jain has also awarded with the score of 83 out of hundred.

Then after I would like to say about many others top sites which are ranking in the top tenth position one of them is skysports whose name does not reveal so far but their monthly revenue is more than 3 million dollars. nearly Dhara 746 members who are working in Sky Sports and their generating revenue of dollar 18.3 million per year.

Then, after I would like to say about whose so, is not revealed but there are only 10 employees which are running behind the website and they are generating the revenue of dollar 10 million for a year. so there is a huge potential in running a cricket site but there is huge competition as well as.

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