Australia's dominance in Brisbane amid controversy

Australia proved that it was not wrong to include Travis Head in the squad. In the first Test of the Ashes series in Brisbane, Australia took full control of Head's speed in a century. However, there is regret even in the century of the head - David Warner's return to 94 runs. However, in the batting of these two, Australia is ahead by 198 runs at the end of the day.


In the first innings yesterday, England was bowled out for 148 by captain Pat Cummins for 5 wickets. No game was played at the end of the first day due to rain. Australia did not have a good start after batting on the second day. Marcus Harris returned with 10 runs. He was caught by David Malan off Oli Robinson. Then a great pair of Marnus Labushan and Warner took Australia to a better place. Although Warner was bowled by Ben Stokes. But 'No Ball' saved him.

This 'no ball', however, sparked controversy on the second day. Stokes stepped a total of 14 overs in his first 5 overs. But only two no-balls were caught. The controversy erupted after Stokes caught so many no-balls on Channel Seven's camera. This problem is because the review technology is not working properly. This Test match is being held in pre-2020 conditions. The TV umpire has to keep an eye on every delivery of the bowler in the new condition. The TV umpire is watching the matter of overstepping while just getting out. And that is where Warner survived.


Warner finally returned for 94 runs off Robinson. Robinson, who got a chance to replace Stuart Broad, bowled brilliantly today. In addition to Warner and Harris, he returned to Cameron Green. Alex Carey returns to Chris Oakes. Mark Wood returns Steve Smith.

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If it's a pity that Warner didn't get a century, then Head has got rid of that regret. He made a storm by scoring 112 runs from 95 balls. He had 12 fours and 2 sixes in his innings. With his bat, Australia's last collection of the day stood at 343 for 6.

Robinson took 3 wickets for 47 runs. Joe Root, Jack Leach, and Mark Wood took one wicket each.

I tossed 'no ball' in the Ashes

Terrible thing!

The incident can be said in one word. Failure to catch a 'no ball' in an international cricket match is a failure. In Tests there, if a bowler commits an 'offense' of 'overstep' 14 times in a single session and in most cases those deliveries go unnoticed by the umpires, it is a terrible thing.


The incident took place on the second day of the Brisbane Test of the current Ashes series on the camera of the Australian media 'Channel Seven'. The issue is being looked into as a serious technical error. The debate has started.

Channel 7 reports that "Channel 7's Trent Copeland caught the" overstep "14 times in Stokes' first five overs." The umpire caught two deliveries 'no ball'.


Although Warner was bowled in the fourth delivery, the TV replay showed that the delivery was 'no ball'. Apart from this, the umpire has caught another illegal delivery of Stokes as 'No Ball'.

The Australian opener was also seen getting quite angry then. Shortly afterward, a Channel 7 video showed that Stokes' previous three deliveries in that over were 'no ball'. The England star did 'overstep' every time. But not a single umpire or TV technology could catch!

Shortly afterward, Seven's video showed Stokes delivering 14 'oversteps' in the first session, in each of which he crossed the bowling crease mark. Cricket Australia then abruptly revealed that the ICC's live review technology had not worked properly since the start of the Test match.

The Australian bowlers were not caught on the first day of the Brisbane Test. However, this does not mean that the Australian bowlers did not bowl the ball, it was not caught due to the failure of technology. Cummins-Starkers can say no. But today, after avoiding 12 delivery eyes of a single bowler, eyebrows may be raised on the first day without 'no ball'.


Allison Mitchell, an Australian journalist, and commentator told Channel 7: In other words, this Test match is being played in the pre-2020 condition, where only the delivery of the wicket would show whether the bowler's leg has crossed the mark.

For former Australia captain Ricky Ponting, such incidents in Test cricket's biggest series are "disappointing" and "unbelievable" in the eyes of former opener Matthew Hayden. With the help of technology, you have to get the whole service. Because, if there is technology, the field umpires will naturally rely on it.

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Paul Raffel and Rod Tucker will officiate the Brisbane Test. Paul Wilson is the TV umpire.

Criticizing the umpires, Ponting said, "Some no-balls were not small at all. (From the spot) 8 inches (feet) also came out. Are the current umpires getting lazy? Don't you see well? Earlier, even though wickets were taken invalid delivery, this technology has come because they have called for no-ball.

The ICC said in the Pakistan-England Test series in August last year that TV umpires would now monitor whether every delivery of a bowler was valid (only in the case of no-ball).

The Indian board asked Kohli to step down as captain


Before the T20 World Cup, Kohli announced his resignation from the captaincy of the T20 team. The last mission of his T20 captaincy in the World Cup was a failure. This is the first time since 2012 that Kohli's team has failed to reach the semi-finals of an ICC tournament. Then the captaincy of T20 goes to Rohit. There was a discussion on whether Kohli should be kept as captain in ODIs as well. But yesterday, Rohit's name was suddenly announced as the captain in 50 overs cricket.

Kohli, of course, has the captaincy of the Test team. But here too the change has come in one place. Ajinkya Rahane, who is in poor form, has been removed from the post of co-captain and Rohit has been made Kohli's deputy in the Test team.

Now there are various rumors about Kohli losing the ODI captaincy. The BCCI did not issue a separate statement-making Rohit the ODI captain. And this is the source of controversy and speculation.

According to the Press Trust of India (PTI), Kohli was given 48 hours by the BCCI to step down as captain of the ODI team. He was asked to voluntarily resign from the ODI captaincy. But since he did not do that, the board announced Rohit's name as the ODI captain.

Kohli lost respect in the dressing room?


The matter has come up in the PTI report. Kohli has lost the 'respect' of his teammates in the dressing room of the Indian team. He has been accused of having problems with the rest of the team. He is not able to mix openly with the players. There are allegations that the players are not paying proper attention to their problems.

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An Indian cricketer told PTI on condition of anonymity, "Kohli always talks about open communication but he is not at all with his teammates in the dressing room."

These factors have forced the BCCI to remove Kohli from the ODI captaincy. Despite announcing his retirement from the T20 captaincy in September, Kohli wanted to continue his captaincy in Tests as well as ODIs. His goal was the 2023 World Cup at home. After leaving the semi-finals of the 2019 World Cup, he wanted to bring success to the country in the 2023 World Cup as a captain. While there is no question about his Test captaincy, it was regrettable that his captaincy in limited-overs cricket did not bring much success to India.