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Cricket is a 'bad game' for mental health
Remember Markus Tracecothic? Courtesy of the former English opener Cricket World has long known that psychological depression is a disease of cricketers. That's pretty awful. Trachcothick, Jonathan Trotta said goodbye to international cricket due to this depression. When the matter was rolled down, nobody opened it. Everyone knows how much pressure is being played on the game, but it has not come publicly. Suzy Bates did exactly that work. New Zealand cricketer Sajasapta said on World Mental Health Day that cricket is one of the worst bouts of mental health. Wednesday was World Mental Health Day A news media from the country's New Zealand women's cricket team has interviewed the day. Bett's comment in that interview, it's probably the worst game-it's a mental health trial. Bates carrier in the international arena is almost an era. It can be said, how difficult it is to say such things. A long tour of family and friends, a series of performance pressures at the highest level, many tactics and equations to put pressure on the opponent in the field. These issues are largely under pressure, in the minds of the cricketer. The top batsman in the women's T20 rankings, therefore, feels that mental skills are more important than physical skills in the highest level of cricket. After coming to the highest level, mental skills are more useful than physical skills. There are many things to fight with, especially when the team is doing bad - said Bates. She said that the need for mental skills has increased with increasing competition in girls' cricket. Girls' cricket is now more professional, more busy schedule - because of the T-20 franchisee league in the world. Bates said in recent pressures, "No one thought about the psychological health of the players before the girls' cricket. Although three-four weeks were outside for the game, the family could be given time to return home. But at the end of the tour you have to return home again to practice. ' The International Cricket Council (ICC) is the global governing body of Cricket. It was founded as the Imperial Cricket Conference in 1909 by representatives from Australia Now 2018. i think not a Cricket is a 'bad game