Green is a good color. Lately if you've been checking price feeds, you will see that a nice little wave of green has been happening. Are we gaining momentum? Are we shaking "weak hands" and getting newer users? Are we seeing that a lot of different angles can influence price and that attitude and a "Can Do" spirit actually is a great way to bust unnecessary fud and work together? I have no clue but I do know that TeamGood is being repped (along with SCORUM) at a VERY BIG gathering that's made global news and headlines especially with Googles developments.... more to come :)

There is room for all on here in many peoples opinions. Some of us are focusing more on gaming and E-Sports while others promote and enjoy their passions. Keeping things fresh and interesting with more and more topics and sports added is how progress is made. Thank you all for your support.

Are you saying that the Witness Team of TeamGood is strong like Bull? YES, Yes I am.... and Bulls like to toss Bears aside whenever possible! (Pixabay)
Every so often I get the fortune of stumbling over some cool posts that showcase or highlight some of the good stuff you all are creating. People curate how they choose to but it's been 12 days since my last go round on sharing a few that I dug highly. Paying it forward is an art form and each post mentioned will receive 5 SCR ... Lambo time!

@Dexpartacus has been someone to try to find common ground and remain steadfast during good and bad times. He is solution oriented and an overall nice guy unless he tells me that I am not making us all Moon fast enough (joking!). He has been a creative force and been part of several initiatives to do shows and encourage organic growth through marketing on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc... Sometimes we have to take the Bull by the horns and not the other way around.

Are Bear Times Over? Time will tell.....

One of the strengths of Scorum is the staunch individualism some exhibit and a lot are doing their own brand of helping the ecosystem. BRAVO

During some rather uncertain times it seems that Scorum Poker has been a source of happiness and joy. The games are normally well attended and it's been a great way for Scorumites to meet and greet and talk smack on the felt! Thanks to Tuck and Bethalea's hard work, it's been a good mood booster at times when things were less then sunshiney on the platform. TeamGood hosts two weekend Rolls that have become infamous for their awesomeness and weird names... #Alpacalypse and #Llamageddon (Hosted by the ever effervescent @Ancapbarbie! ) A reminder post is coming out very soon so you get to see that hot felt action and study your "friends" table manners.

Alpaca vs. Llamas....which super cute animal is actually a fierce man eater?

New Tournaments have been announced and here is the link. Check it out!

A lot of people want to see American sports and more and more are seeming to pick up on that need. However, @paulao0506 has been consistently producing great NBA content. She loves Basketball and so do a lot of people and it's great to see a wide array of sports covered on Scorum. Shoots and Scores!

AIR Jordan (giphy)

To top out the Final Four is ... His consistency and insightful look into primarily Euro Football has garnered him a rather growing and good rep as a good Scorumer and someone who interacts with the community and keeps educating us Yanks on what happens across the pond. His analysis of the coaches are especially in depth and good as demonstrated in this post...

I am working on other things but be on the lookout in your wallets for the transfer as soon as I get a chance... Cheers!

Like Our Initiative? Then give us a vote for Witness , Right now Server costs are not being covered without assistance so please consider helping the helpers as we grow Scorum together! (pixabay)