Pick: JingDong Gaming +1,5 @ 1,6

Time: 17.04 11:00

source: talk esports

FunPlus Phoenix won the first 2-1 match in the first JDG match after the break on March 9th. FPX will play today with Lvx, Crisp, Gimgoon, Tian, Doinb. JDG: Loken, LvMao, Zoom, Kanavi, Yagao, We all remember the rivalry of these teams when FPX was better than JG, but it was in a completely different line-up. Now FPX is a completely different team, they surprised many but not me (I played for the win -1.5) against EDG. EDG in this match did not make any mistakes and played well. Both teams proved how little difference separates the champion from the defeat in this league. Today I think that JDG will be more prepared and is in my opinion a more uncomfortable rival for FPX. The two teams are very similar to each other in everything. Now Zoom has returned to the line-up and you can see that the training is working out well. JDG was a team in the last matches. And they faced more demanding rivals. Win rate JDG for 72% 26W - 10L, for FPX this ratio is 68% / 30W - 14L JDGs have one of the higher first blood count in the league, while FPX are under 50% . The task for the JDG is to properly match strong heroes and on the lower lane and on the mid. Perhpas excluding Miss fortune for lwx and Ryze for doinb etc, however, is if the draft will always be different. .