League of Legends

Bet for Victory Five +1,5

I'm looking at both teams. We have a soldin' team in V5: y4, Max, Mole, Xiaohan and Clx. On the opposite side we have GALA, Mark, Natural, Xiaopeng, Xiaowei. This match may be a kind of opportunity for the victory Five, but today I will play less risky to win one map with a minimum handicap. The V5 can get a very sloppy record - to become the worst professional team of recent years. Today in the match instead of Xiye in the middle we have Xiaowei and Mole, a change in the middle lane and a top for V5. Generally it promises to be quite chaotic and a bit looser with more action under the towers and thus more murder. This makes me think we can see a more even but loose game especially when playing a player like Natural. I'm playing low, because V5 will surprise again this season.