Hello everyone, have good and healthy days..

Today i'd like to give you an information and game play about MP5..

MP5 one of the popular gun in our day because it's mobility is amazing and it is hell of a fast weapon.. It is small, strong and its fire rate is amazing high.. Ofcourse it has some cons as well, with its small barrel MP5 doesn't have and long range shot chances, you would only use it between 1-25 meters.. But if you see your enemy closely you would kill him easily..

As a big caliber weapon lover i got quite shocked when i played with MP5.. Everything has changed for me i believe :) I am going to play with it in all small maps specially Shoot House and Shipment which i have just played..

My performance was nearly perfect, i got 38 kills and only 12 times i got killed.. That was a quite a show with my new weapon MP5 :) That was my first game and i will keep improve my performance with it for sure..

Thank you for reading me, hope you would like what you watched.. I will show you more weapon tests in here..

Image Credit: https://www.heckler-koch.com/typo3temp/_processed_/csm_MP5A3_re_6691b1ed48.png