Enjin coin wallpaper provided by Enjin

Let's say you have been gaming your whole conscious life.

Let's say you have this love/hate relationship with your favorite game.

Let's say you treasure great memories, let's say you spent countless hours playing them, living them; let's say you created your own world, let's say you acquire great items, let's say you forged them...

Let's say that now, who knows why, it's time to move on; it's time to leave all that behind. Let's say... let's say... let's say.

I know this happened to you at some point, regardless if you have been gaming 25, 15 or even 5 years; just like it happened to me when playing Lineage II.

Lineage summer special concept art

I left that universe with sorrow, but was sadder having to leave Lily, my crafting dwarf behind, with all her experience and an inventory full of awesomeness. Not only due to the items in it, but also the memories linked to each one of them, either when I was raiding bosses or dungeons, trading or looting just to get one of the missing materials I needed... to then forge a mighty item! Great times indeed, but once my guild started to disappear, friends stop joining the parties and my own IRL interfering, it was time to move on.

And all that was left behind...

Now let's say it’s not quite so, let's say we can change the story. Let's say you can move on but you don't have to leave those items and the memories. Let's say you can bring them with you, used them or melt them, to then continue your gaming experience in a perpetual way.

But wait! Also, Let's say a gaming Multiverse gets created where you become the true owner of the experience, having freedom to jump from game to game and play all at the same time at your own will... yes, will.

Enjin brings a more immersive, flexible, multigaming universe, with true ownership and true vibrant global economies. The old good Adena currency from Lineage could easily become Enjin in the crypto world and vice versa, the shield you created could be used in multiple games, the enchantment scrolls a boss dropped could be sell in another game or marketplace... think about it, gaming just got real.

Are you ready to live it?