Already today at 7:00 WESG world final starts, I’ve been waiting for this tournament every year because it reminds me of the old-school World Cyber ​​Games when there were national qualifiers and you could see a lot of interesting teams from non-esport countries. Where else can you see the confrontation of the Jordanian team against the Kyrgyzstan team, such teams are usually not able to pass the standard scores from Valve. This is a chance for new talents from such countries to express themselves, a small road to big e-sports.

First, a little about the tournament. World Electronic Sports Games is a tournament from the Alibaba Group sports department, yes, yes, those who run Aliexpress, with a prize fund of $5,500,000 for all disciplines.

So why should the White-Off win the tournament?

1)Of course the line-up. This is 4 player + Afoninje. Afonin certainly plays a little weaker than No[o]ne, but against the background of the others, the composition still looks threateningly

2) Money. For the first place $500,000 is a very good amount, even compared to major tournaments, where the level of competition is ten heads higher.

(This is already 8 967 966 SCR :D)

3) Media development. In one of the interviews, Roman Dvoryankin manager of Virtus.Pro, said that entering the Chinese market is now a priority for their media company, they only went for it instead of last month. The Chinese e-sports market is just a lot of money compared to the CIS.

My prediction: The White-Off win at the 3.4 tournament (I bet into PinnacleSports, for it was there that I found a bet to win the tournament).

I’ll also try to live-bet on GGbet in more or less equal meetings, but not exactly, because the games start early in the morning, and I’ve got a curse at work :(