The League of Legends Pro League 2020 just kicked off with its spring season, and over the course of 10 weeks until May, we’ll be seeing 17 teams duking it out for Chinese supremacy on the LoL arena. Each team has shown preseason upgrades and setbacks, which will definitely shape their chances of coming out on top. With the LPL Spring tournaments now set ablaze, let’s dive into the power rankings so far with this list of the LPL Spring 2020 Favorites.

Image Source: GamePOW

FunPlus Phoenix

FPX won last year’s main tournament, so as 2019 world champions, they automatically get a front seat on the favorites. But their standing on the competition extends way beyond their championship title. This season, they’ve decided to add top-laner Khan on their lineup, so we’ll definitely see a string of consistency and stronger comeback from FPX.

Royal Never Give Up

Speaking of strong comebacks, we’ll be witnessing a major return to the LPL Spring this year, brought to us by Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong. Fresh off retirement from professional LoL play, Mata will coming back as head coach for RNG. That the roster is joined by former Flash Wolves marksman Lu “Betty” Yu-Hung is also enough to put RNG among the LPL Spring 2020 Favorites.

Invictus Gaming

Invictus Gaming met their downfall at last year’s Mid-Season Invitational after suffering a terrible loss to Team Liquid. However, the LPL Spring Season is a chance for Invictus to bounce back without a sweat with the addition of new bot lane duo Ding “Puff” Wang and Su “Southwind” Zhi-Lin who were Vici Gaming’s most prized possession last year.

Top Esports

Also among the top tier of the LPL Spring 2020 Favorites is Top Esports who just added Hung “Karsa” Hao-Hsuan to their lineup. With this move, the team is definitely banking on the strength of their jungle spot, which will be taken care of by Karsa. And on top of that, TES still has Zhuo “knight” Ding rallying for them, who is arguably the best mid laner in the game today.