And done! Really thanks!! Our first Steem Monsters tournament has ended and I am very happy to be able to introduce Scorum to top players of SteemMonsters.

200 Scorums are being distributed among the 8 winners from different parts of the world, who are hearing Scorum for the first time.

To all who participated in today's test tournament, thank you very much for being part of our community!

How could i not feel happy with this?

I realized that if I really want the attention of the majority of players, the tournaments should have free admission and that's how it will be! From now on there will be 2-3 weekly tournaments of SteemMonsters totally free and only for low leagues so many people can join us.

So I will ask for all possible support in sharing the tournament and voting this post because the prizes will come from here, as I said the fee I will have to pay for it myself.

Second tournament tomorrow for free!!

Join Here

yes! totally free to promote Scorum in our sister blockchain, I hope you support this initiative. I do not really belong to any witness group or anything, but I feel part of you and I want to help the platform as much as I can. But I need your help too, I can not do it alone!

I think the general opinion is that just like video games in general here in scorum, cryptogames are also considered e-sports so I think I'm fully entitled to position SteemMonsters as an electronic sport. But if you have any discrepancy with that, I would like to read you.