The success is to see what others do not see, I hope you bought yesterday the recommendation I made because today it is already in profits with the rise of the dec.

Today I also bring you another investment advice within SteemMonsters, and you will see that it is very interesting.

Buying legendary cards is always good, but gold will always be better !!! Applying yesterday's formula, today we will see the example of a good opportunity.

With the undead minotaur we have to, its burn value is 750.

Burn value (750 DEC = $ 0.555)

Market value ($ 0.56)

just one cent of difference, theres people that literally gift their cards.

OMG why are you here yet and why you are not buying undead minotaur, it is practically a perfect situation, if DEC goes up you will automatically gain in the protected value of the card, in addition that the gold cards give you an extra 10% of DEC as a reward in the battles.

It is a pity that youare not taking advantage of my quest, but I will continue to give them to you even if you do not appreciate it :c

but thanks to @z3ll, winner of two quests

What are the names of the creators of Splinterlands? For a delegation of a Daria EPIC LEVEL 4, an invoker of epic rarity.