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DotA 2 is indeed classified as a MOBA game and Action Real Time Strategy which is very difficult to play. Because of the ARTS controls that combine point and click, players must be able to control a Hero with a rather complicated character by combining a mouse and keyboard. Some heroes are famous for being friendly and easy to control but some are very difficult to play and need years of experience to be able to master the hero.


The powerful magician who became the flagship Hero in DotA 2 is indeed famous for being very difficult to play. He has a unique mechanism for being able to "create" magic. If usually Hero in DotA 2 has about 4 abilities, Invoker has 14 skills that he can issue. The four main abilities are unique magic in which he combines three particles with one ultimate Invoke that will make Invoker create magic according to the three particles he plays.

Of the 3 particles of Quas, Wex, Exort that Invoker has and each defines a certain playing style. Quas increases HP regeneration, Wex increases movement speed and attack, and Exort increases attack damage. This will create a combination of magic that emerges from each unique particle; Quas will produce disabler magic, Wex will harm the enemy with burn and magic that has distance while Exort produces magic that is nuker.


With Rearm's ultimate ability, Tinker can refresh any abilities or items he has. This means Tinker can very quickly do the nuke by doing insistent magic. Tinker is very difficult to play because players must be able to set magic and items and refresh and repeat them.

The player must be able to combine the skill and Rearm and therefore, the Tinker player must have very curved fingers. Tinker has meta items like Boots of Travel and Blink Dagger that make it possible to go back and forth Fountain and hide. This makes Tinker players have to be careful to be able to process play styles that are very difficult because once captured, Tinker can't be helped to escape.


Besides the core hero, there are also Support heroes that are very difficult to play, Chen. With the ability of the Holy Persuassion he had, Chen could take forest creeps to become his minion. This makes Chen must be able to control the 'children' he has with their unique abilities. Each forest creep has the unique ability to be able to stun or damage enough to be able to push.

A person who is skilled at playing Chen will be able to do very complicated crowd control. He must be able to change the control between Chen and the children he has and also set the time for depositing. Although Chen's ability was very passive and arguably impossible to kill someone, Chen could be the key to victory when he could weaken the hero in the early game and set the rhythm of the attack towards the end of the game.

Arc Warden

With the unique ability to be able to create illusions that have the privilege of using skills and items, the Arc Warden is one of the very complicated heroes to use. With the Tempest Double he has, the Arc Warden can use two spells closely, as well as the items he has.

Hand of Midas assistance can make Arc Warden get the benefit of collecting around 300 gold every 90 seconds. This will make the Arc Warden very easy to farm towards the middle of the game and raise lots of money to be able to buy other useful items in the late game. By controlling the Tempest of Double, Arc Warden players will feel control of two heroes at once and therefore it feels very difficult.


If playing Arc Warden seems to control two heroes at once, then playing Meepo will be more complicated because playing this hero feels like playing 5 heroes at once! With the ultimate Divided We Stand, Meepo will immediately reach a new unit that is not an illusion. Going to level 25, Meepo will upgrade his ultimate three times and means he will play as 4 Meepo and if added Aghanim Scepter, we will play 5 Meepos at once.

The meepo that is the parent or what we play from the beginning of the game will be able to use items while the other Meepos don't have extra items, they can only do the skill and get additional movement speed from the shoes used by the main Meepo. Meepo's playing style will only rely on poof combinations that can do damage and make Meepo can move places with each other.

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