My favorite games are those always bring a little reality, action and strategy, that was the main thing I liked "Counter-Strike", My beginning in the world of electronic games was in the year 2005 when traveling to the home of one of my aunts, my family for a long time were in search of a business to generate profits best and that was when they happened to open a Cyber-Coffee.

Like all businesses requires time and investment to begin with, the idea seemed so good that after a month opened a local very near the house, immediately called to a technical team to make all arrangements, these were fans of "Counter-Strike" We were advised to install it. With the passage of time I became an amateur, I started to play a lot and even do something called "pajamadas" to play teams in servers.

Counter-Strike From the beginning I call public attention for being a shooting game in which you can choose to be the policeman or terrorist, giving a style of Yin Yan. This was a complete modification of the video game "Half-Life" that had a wonderful success, its principles were noble giving equal opportunities to policemen as to terrorists.

When we talk about guns, since starting the game you already have two weapons (a pistol with 3 loads of ammunition and a knife) but you have the opportunity to buy some more, such as: shotguns, machine guns, rifles, bombs, shields and some instruments necessary to meet the objectives.

This map has as objective that the counter-terrorists must to save the hostages that is located inside the fortress of the terrorists is a game mainly from a lot of strategy and always try to give the surprise effect without the enemy as suspect.

the target on the part of the terrorists is to prevent at all costs the antiterrorist ones from achieving to take the hostages, although the antiterrorist ones manage to enter, the terrorists must treat that they are not taken up to a station to safe.

Counter-Strike As electronic sport

It was in the 2001 that the first competitions of Counter-Strike were made at the level of European countries, the levels of competition were growing until they played American soil having prizes up to $150,000.

The sporting spirit has been exposing qualities as: teamwork, equality, logic, planning and competition, being higher the level competitors. Currently the tournaments are played annually with teams of 5 players in rounds of 2 minutes.

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