Just about to finish up the main game in this awesome title. Sleeper hit, to be sure, so check it out if you haven't.

It will be my second platinum trophy ever, because it's only the second game I've ever played where you could earn all the trophies on a thorough and skillful first play-thru (the other was HORIZON). Three trophies left - open the whole map, hidden (kill the final boss, duh), and thus get the final one.

None of that "play through on spine-breaking difficulty without getting killed" or "get 10 headshots while back-flipping off a building" nonsense. Also, only ONE of the trophies can be missed and become impossible to get (so I started a second game on easy mode and ran thru the opening for an hour or two to snag it).

Easily the most fun I've had playing a video game in a long while, and tons of value for the $$$ - I got the main game and three DLCs (which are all basically stand-alone titles) for $50 on the PS+ store.

And I found this cool Pegasus 🌈 horse while playing over the weekend. Happy gaming!