'Biohazard RE: 2', which was a hot topic that was introduced for the first time at 'E3 2018', is set to be released on January 25. This is a remake of "Biohazard 2," which was released as a PS1, in 1998, and is characterized by strengthening existing fear factors with the aim of extreme threats.

The remake of "Biohazard 2" faithfully reproduces and adapts the original horror elements, while applying an excellent graphics and sound system and a new camera point. "Biohazard RE: 2," a new horror survival movie that stimulates memory and freshness, will be released in advance.

In the video, Leon looks depressed and ready to answer the calls.(Video source)

• The Goal Is To Experience Extreme Fear, Lack Materials, But Zombies Have Become Strong And Smart.

The title "RE" in the title "Biohazard RE: 2" means "REimagine". This means that the movie is faithful to the original book, but it has re-painted the entire game. As a proof, the game engine and system have been significantly strengthened with the aim of a more tense horror survival. 'RE Engine' that was used for games is a tool that was developed by Capcom for 'Biohazard 7', which was released in 2017, and is equipped with 3D model and photo-graphetry technology that produces textures based on pictures taken in 360° direction. This has led to more horrible and bizarre zombies.

In the open demo video, you can see that Leon has a tooth mark on his arm bitten by a zombie bite. In addition, only one zombie attack verdict was valid in the original, but the remake embodies additional results from simultaneous attacks. There is also a system of site destruction and amputation. Even detailed physical effects have been implemented, such as parts wearing a large-sleeved surface or walking with a broken joint.

Along with graphics, the sound became eerie. 'Biohazard RE: 2' is applied with a binary sound system and sounds that reflect the location and direction of players and zombies are implemented in real time. The horror game is scary even if you turn off the sound, but the sound will be strengthened to give you a terrible sense of the scene.


The "Raccoon Police Station" map, which is in charge of the game, has become much darker than the original one, creating a frightening atmosphere, and the original third person's fixed time has changed from the third person's shoulderview point. This will give you a closer look at the scene where Leon and Claire, who spent 20 years with the fans of the series, are confronting zombies. In addition, the survival factor is strengthened, limiting the number of goods that can be obtained. Why don't we use a knife if we don't have enough bullets? That's not the case either. Even a knife is durable and cannot be used indefinitely.

Whether zombies have grown over the past 20 years, the enemies have become stronger and smarter. Even though it is not a "dark soul," a little bit of attack from zombie could kill you, and AI has also improved greatly improved. In the open demo video, when a zombie on the stairs finds a player located downstairs, he can see himself thrown over the railing, not over the stairs, or approaching over obstacles. This prevents the player from slowing down the string of tension from the clever zombies.


It's about to be more f** freaking out than ever, In the trailer,you could see from the attack on the 👮 police how aggressive the zombie was and this is sure going to be the Re: Biohazard the fans(me) as been eagerly waiting for, can't wait to play this.



Marvin also plays a more important role

While "Biohazard RE: 2" is faithful to the original story, it also adds a certain element of difference in character weight and order of events. For example, Marvin, a police officer who appeared in the official video, only continued the conversation with an injury in front of the cabinet, but in the remake, he played a more important role, helping Leon himself. As such, "Biohazard RE: 2" provides freshness to existing fans who are familiar with the series through the original story variations.

On the other hand, the japping system, which was the connection method of the existing story, disappeared and Leon and Claire episodes were completely separated. The jumping system is a story connection element in which a previous character action in a certain section affects the next character environment. For example, if you take all items from a certain section with a Claire character or kill an intermediate boss, you will not be able to encounter it when you play the same section with Leon. The jumping system, which gave fans freshness, was removed from this work and made up of independent campaigns.

Travel key specialist, "Tyrant", (picture source: gamerant.com)

The original monsters, 'G,' 'licker,' and 'Tyrany' will also reappear. G is a zombie whose right arm has grown due to a virus infection. He has strong stamina, but his eyes on his right arm are weak. In his latest work, Licker is expected to scare players as he travels fast on walls or ceilings. Unlike the original novel, Tyrant opens a closed door and follows the main character. At the same time, if there is zombie or licker in the same space, it will pressure the player at the same time and require more difficult attacks.

On the other hand, detailed settings also changed. Raccoon City Police added an indoor restroom, and Leon's initial settings were changed. Existing fans used to joke about the lack of a toilet on the police station, which was solved in the remake version. Also, in the original story, Leon 's character description was set on the epidemic, as he arrived at Raccoon City late.

In this work, however, Leon was introduced as a new member of the 'Raccoon Police Station' and was followed by a home-waiting order. In addition, you can try out various costumes that were not available in the new work.

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