Yeah, This is what as keeep @mycr7 so busy this days, wanna have fun playing an online masterpiece which is very easy, try hounds; Register and join the Hounds squad and fight for the future! 👉 Hounds:the Last Hope

Netmarble will also be hosting a year-end event today for online RPS game 'Hounds: Reload'.

First of all, in the 'Acon's All-Box', which can be produced through the Winter Processing event, you can obtain 'Apocalypse Gun Random Box', 'ST Liberty Armor Random Box', etc.

In the web event, you can get a "Random Box of Luck '' where you can earn top-ranked firearms and armor.

In addition, to commemorate the official Hounds Facebook opening, Netmarble also provides a random box to obtain the top weapon and I think that will only when the condition is met and that is when 1000 likes is achieved.

'Hounds: Reload' is characterized by extreme tension and primitive pleasure through powerful melee attacks and various gun attacks that go beyond existing RPGs based on realistic battle descriptions against alien creature 'Wickbroke'.

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