Yeah, I couldn't believe either as I was always ready to check in on newly released item from game developers to give my opinion about it on some gaming communities and Reddit and this game(Frankenstein) is one of it. I just got to know Puzzle Space announced that Frankenstein, which had received high expectations from users through advance reservation and trial distribution, as been officially opened on the Google Store and App Store on the 19th.

Frankenstein' is a room escape game that focuses on storylines.This full version is linked to the contents of the trial version distributed earlier, and deals with the case when the main character, Victor Frankenstein, makes a creation in earnest by a dark group. .

It is a game that promotes the revival of authentic adventure. It consists of a variety of puzzles, inferences, and mini-games that follow a high-fidelity story.

In addition, the game can be immersed with 360 degree freely rotating space navigation mode, and sophisticated orchestra BGM, as well as content such as character costumes, BGM changes, and additional hints.



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