The League of Legend New Champion Silas. (picture source)

Riot Games, the developer and distributor of the online game "League of Legend," unveiled its 143rd new champion "Sylas" on Wednesday.

"The Liberated" sylar is a champion whose story is about escaping from prison and using the magic of the people around him to destroy the Demasian kingdom.It is expected to be used in various positions such as jungles and midfield as it has the effect of rushing, fainting, and slowing down and stealing the opponent's ultimate energy.

First of all, sylar's ultimate "R: robbery" can be used directly by copying the ultimate enemy. If an enemy is deprived of his ultimate, he can use it himself, and sylar cannot immediately steal the same enemy's ultimate.

It is also easy to approach the opponent through two dashes and attack him. W: The Kingslayer is a skill that attacks the enemy, damages them, and regains his physical strength. Low enemy physical strength increases damage, and low physical strength increases recovery.

E: The 'E: Escape / Suppression' technique can also be used quickly and within a short period of time, the ability to fire a chain in the first hostile direction, damage the enemy and fainted.

Silas also has skills to inflict heavy damage on the enemy. Using the 'Q: Strike Chain' technique can damage enemies and slow down their movement slightly. Over time, where the chain crosses over in the form of X characters, another explosion can cause additional slowdown and damage to the enemy.

Also, the basic lasting effect, Petite Explosion, can cause a chain of attacks after using the skill, causing damage to nearby enemies as well.

He is expected to be selected by many players as he can use various tactics and strategies such as stealing the ultimate enemy, attacking the enemy, and fading the opponent into confusion.

On the other hand, a video clip titled "The New Syiles of Iol" will also be released, which will introduce various tips and ways to use LoL's new champion.

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