As i make this post i cant trully find the words to describe what a journey Ghost of Tsushima was. Storywise its a masterpiece, visually its stunning, the sound is οutstanding and the gameplay feels smooth and natural both in combat and in stealth. I paused like every 10 mins or so just to take another screenshot or to admire the view. The japanese voice acting takes the game to a whole new lvl and its something that every true fan should enjoy.

The final sequence of the game just right before the end its my favourite moment in gaming this year. The animation, the music the whole act was just perfect. No matter your choice its hard not to love that scene. Its one of those special moments that every game wants you to experience but its attention to detail is astonishing. Kudos to the developers for making such a scene.

To be fair though like any ac style game before the end you have become too overpowered especially if you did all the sidequests and the whole reveal the map fog becomes kinda tedious after a while due to the fact you have to traverse a lot more. Other than that the game is perfect in every way.