It's time for another Apex Legends guide, and today, I'm going to be taking a look at the best ways to work your way through Gold rank.

In my previous post, I'd just started out at the bottom of the ladder at Bronze level. The best strategy for me was to hot drop and go for as many kills as possible immediately after landing. The reason for this was that there is no points cost to play at Bronze level so there was literally nothing to lose by using that strategy.

However, as you work your way up the ranked levels, you'll find that this strategy is no longer effective. So, let's get stuck into how to take on Gold level.

Less Aggression

The first thing I had to change when playing ranked mode at Gold level was how aggressive I was from the start of the game. There are a couple of major reasons for this.

Firstly, it costs 2 points just to enter a game of Gold ranked. This means that you're going to have to get 2 kills or finish at least 10th just to break even. Playing too aggressively can lead to quick deaths and stop you from progressing up the ladder. Not only this, but there are much higher standard of players at Gold level and it's not as easy to wipe out a team of 3 on your own.

Slow down.

No Hot Drops

With that in mind, a more sensible approach is to land in quieter areas than you perhaps would on an unranked game. Having the time to find some decent loot and not get wiped out immediately can put you in a strong position for later in the game.

Play For League Cost

As mentioned above, it costs 2 points to enter a game of Gold ranked. I've found it useful to start the game with the objective of earning 2 points no matter what. This helps to prevent you from sliding back down each level with early defeats.

In order to do this, I take things a little slower at the start of each game. By picking off a couple of unsuspecting enemies, you can gain 2 points right away. Alternatively, by playing in the shadows, you can make your way into top 10, although I wouldn't advise camping too much or it gets a bit boring.

After that, you can go back to playing more aggressively as you'll have nothing to lose. Picking up a few extra kills and making your way up into the top 5 will put some serious points in your bag.

3rd Party

With higher skilled players in Gold and above, it can be difficult to win team fights. A good strategy is to listen out for team fights that are already taking place. If you can sneak up on the fight as a 3rd team, you can catch weak opponents off guard and potentially wipe out a couple of teams at once.

Team Fire

Communication is the key to success at these levels. Even if you're not on a mic, you can still ping out enemies and locations of interest. A good way to cut down an enemy is to ping him/her out to your team before firing. If all three of you shoot at them at the same time, you're very likely to take them down with little effort.

Likewise, overwhelming the enemy is another good strategy. If you see your teammate heading towards an enemy, go with them but from a slightly different angle. This will confuse the enemy and prevent them from being able to respond effectively to the attack from multiple angles.