When you talk about a game that did not only rock the world but also made many people's childhood memorable in the late 90s or early 2000s, you will never forget Super Mario, unless you've never been a video game fan

Each time I remember all the stupid things I (particularly) did for this game, I always find it amusing that I actually did those things for a game. 🤗 Was it the sleepless night? Pretending to be ill just to skip school for the sake of Super Mario? What about the spirit of competition and among those who have mastered the art of going farther?

Super Mario franchise game gave me a lot of joy at a tender age. It's the only game that will always live in my memory but it's such a pity that it's a game that has gone be out of trend even though game developers tried to build different versions of Super Mario on advanced consoles, it was not as interesting and thrilling as the early Mario, especially that of family com and Nintendo

Super Mario was a very competitive game back in those days. No matter how much you think you can go far, you definitely going to meet people will go farther than you, making you look like you don't even know how to play it

It was a very addictive and challenging game. The farther you go the more you will meet obstacles that will make the nearly impossible to advance

It was a game that only few people could afford when it newly came out but with time, many people could afford. At least I remember how my friends who couldn't afford it were always lurking around game centres to pay to play it

I hope you still remember the phrase "Thank You Mario but your princess is in another Castle

If you do, your childhood was memorable 😉