A lot of people see gaming as a time killer or as a good way to ease boredom but in the real sense, the purpose of gaming is robust and it's not just limited to easing boredom or making fun. However, one of those purposes of gaming which I want to point out is that it opens your eyes to the realities of life and it also has a way of strengthening us mentally and physiologically

I remember when I was still a die hard gamer back in those days. I remember how I used to opt for hard mode no matter how tough the game seemed while the rest of my colleagues would settle for easy or normal mode yet each time the game gets harder or seemed impossible to progress, they would invite me to their house and hand over their pad to me to find the way out

Yeah I was a very good gamer right from the days of Family Com, Sega Mega Drive down to advanced consoles like Playstation, 2, 3.... Back then, I was more of an action and adventure games addict. I wasn't really into soccer but I was still good at it. I would still thrash my friends who were soccer addicts. Then, if my opponent chose a dreaded team like Madrid or Barcelona, I would settle for a lower team like Wigan or Osasuna to battle against them. Yeah I used to do this because I love being challenged, so it was my habit to always used a weaker team against them

Can you remember a game like Resident Evil where you will be gallivanting around for hours or days and completely clueless about the possible way out? And by the way you luckily find a way out you will feel you've been foolish all this while 😂

What about a game like God of War or Syphon Filters or Metal Gear Solid that is mentally challenging?. Games that can make you look foolish if you every attempt to look the way out seem futile. What about those though racing game that you will place you at the last position at the start of the race and you're to race and compete against other drives who started the race in a favorable position

I can go on and on to talk about how gaming is just more than fun. It has a way of strengthening us and helping us see challenges as a steeping stone to greatness.

Everything about gaming was fun while growing up as a teenager but as I grew into adulthood, I realized gaming me who I am today. It did not only strengthen me to survive the toughest of situations but it also made me see challenges or failure as part of the journey to success

This is just my perception about gaming

What do you guys think?