So many teams are still in the hunt!

We're down to the final week of play and around half the league or more are still in the Playoff picture! Check out the current Division leaders, Wild Card hopefuls and those teams still in the hunt below.

You'll also find Week 17 Standings as well as scores from weeks 13-16. Once week 17 is over I will update this post with season ending stats and award winners (if it announces then).

Week 17 Standings

Here are the BROFL Standings coming into Week 17.

Weeks 13-16 Scores

If your game was livestreamed it can be found here.

Tonights Week 17 Livestream Games

Eagles @ Redskins

The Eagles come in as the #1 scoring offense and only team over 400 points at 404. While the Redskins are now slouches on offense with 338 points scored but also possess one of the toughter defenses in the league giving up only 271 points total all year.

Jaguars @ Texans

This is a battle for the AFC South with the Jags currently holding the top spot at 9-6 and the Texans at 8-7. The Texans still sport the toughest defense in the BROFL to score against at 223 points all season.

Lions @ Packers

Somehow the Lions managed to work themselves back into the hunt and face off against the Packers for the NFC North crown. The Packers sport the second toughest D to score on, while the Lions ... well they don't really do much special, but they're in the hunt!

Raiders @ Chiefs

While the Chiefs and Raiders have been off the radar most of the regular season, the Raiders have made a nice comeback winning their last 4 in a row and scoring a whopping 388 points for second best in the league, just behind the Eagles. The Raiders have a chance, with some help tonight, of making the Playoffs. I have nothing to say about the Chiefs other than, better luck next season homie!

Jets @ Patriots

We will wind up the season with our featured game. The Jets continue to soar winning their last 7 games while scoring 375 points, 3rd best in the BROFL. Not only that but they sport a fearsome defense allowing only 271 points which is among the best for top ranked teams.

If I were a betting man, I'd bet on the Jets in the playoffs. They simply have figured out a way to win on both sides of the field and continue defeating one top team after another.

Good Luck Everyone!

I will update this post with results as they happen. This may take more than one day to complete before we start the Playoffs. Speaking of the Playoffs, as I mentioned in chat, I will be reverting back to 15 minute quarters with 13 second accelerated clock for more realism.

The scores and stats from testing are no different from our regular season 6 minutes with no accelerated clock, but the games do last a little longer overall. However there is an added good effect and that is clock management by the AI.

All season long we've watched a team in the lead mismanage the clock horribly giving the other teams shots they should have never had in real life. This should hopefully elevate that issue by forcing the clock to 13 seconds. The AI only motions on plays that force it, so it will not affect anything else.