I've been really busy this week and didn't have too much time for Hearthstone but when I came back I've come to a pleasant surprise. The Dalaran Heist is coming out, the biggest solo adventure in Hearthstone with a bunch of new content for single-player experience.

Blizzard made an announcement video yesterday for the upcoming release of a new solo adventure and if you are interested in watching it here is a video below:

To summarize, the new adventure will be played out similarly to how Dungeon Run and Monster Hunt were played but also we will get a ton of extra content with some new interactions and features.


Since the theme of this adventure will be a heist on the city of Dalaran, each class will be represented by a henchman that will have some unique Hero Powers, deck recipes.

Each class will have their progression towards unlocking new Hero Power with a different type of requirement. Those will be completed much like quests. In this example by drawing 100 cards with this Rogue henchman.

Also, at the start of each run, you will be represented with a couple of starting decks and with an option to start with a completely random deck that will be as they say "crafted with a decent curve", meaning that you won't be getting all high mana cost cards or only early game cards but a balanced deck.

A Friendly Encounter

This is a new type of encounter during the run that will be giving you an opportunity to modify your deck a bit. This interaction isn't fully explained but it was mentioned that you will be able to recruit minions that Bartender sells and get rid of some of your minions that you don't want to remain in your deck during the rest of the run.


Chapters are like a re-introduction of wings that we used to have in older solo adventures such as Blackrock Mountain and One Night In Karazhan. Every chapter will have unique bosses as well as a unique rule that will affect the run and will progress the story further.

Another re-introduction is a Heroic mode. For those that don't remember or weren't playing Hearthstone 2 years ago. Heroic mode is unlocked for every chapter that you played through in a normal playthrough and makes it a lot harder with more challenging bosses.

Anomaly Mode

This is a new mode added in this adventure. To gain access to Anomaly mode you need to first unlock every chapter of the adventure. In this mode, the game gets a new random effect that will be affecting the whole chapter you are playing. This could be considered as adding a new rule or changing rules in the game. As they stated in the video effect are "ranging from tame but odd, to almost Tavern Brawly", Taven Brawly probably just means potentially crazy changes in the gameplay.

This one was a bit shorter but brings some exciting news for Hearthstone players that I wanted to share. The adventure is coming out next week and how Blizzard usually operates it will be Tuesday or Wednesday. When it gets released the first chapter will be free for all players and the next one will be available for purchase immediately for 700 gold like every other chapter will. Each next chapter will be released a week after.

Thank you for reading!