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FaZe Clan Defeat the Navy and Strengthen the 2018 EPICENTER Champion!
After a long period of rest, the CSGO title again began its series of matches. This time EPICENTER 2018 became a contested event by 8 participating teams. Then, some teams start the title with the wildcard round, where the top 4 teams from 6 will advance to the playoffs. The 4 teams are ENCE eSports, AVANGAR, HellRaisers and Swole Patrol., which even received direct invite in the playoff wildcard round, was only able to occupy the 3rd place. As a result, the polar bear fleet extended its bad record after no championship title for 1 year 4 months from the competitive CS: GO. With this, there are 8 teams competing in the 2018 EPICENTER event. Here are the team ranks and qualifying paths to the playoffs in Moscow, Russia: • FaZe Clan (direct invite) • Team Liquid (direct invite) • Natus Vincere (direct invite) • Ninjas in Pajamas (direct invite) • ENCE eSports (wildcard seed) • AVANGAR (wildcard seed) • HellRaisers (playoff wildcard) • Swole Patrol (playoff wildcard) Of the 8 teams that competed, the group stage eliminated 2 teams, namely ENCE eSports from group A and Swole Patrol from group B. Continued to the playoffs, just a new surprise occurred, where FaZe Clan appeared dominant. The reason is that FaZe Clan starting from the quarter-finals must face Ninjas in Pajamas and Team Liquid before going to the final. Whereas Na’Vi who is at the top of group A, only needs to beat AVANGAR to advance to the final round. As a result, the match between Na'Vi and FaZe Clan in group A was repeated on the stage of the EPICENTER event. In the first match, Mirage became a strong map for the FaZe Clan in the first round, but they were quite overwhelmed in the second half of the match. The reason is, s1mple shows its magical power and destroys the strategy pattern of FaZe Clan on bomb A. But FaZe Clan performed consistently and bagged a victory with a pretty fierce score, which was 16-12. Heading into the second match in the match that presents the Bo3 format brings Dust II as the determination map. Na’Vi must hold back FaZe Clan to fight for his position to be the first. But unlucky, Na'Vi was defeated with a very striking score. Only able to secure 3 points in the first half of the match on Tero's side, it turned out to be the last point for Edward and his friends. FaZe Clan dominated and brought a landslide victory with a score of 16-3. With this result, NiKo and his friends improved the series of bad results and returned to peak performance. Here are the top 4 teams in the 2018 EPICENTER event: 1. FaZe Clan - US $ 150,000 2. Natus Vincere - US $ 75,000 3. AVANGAR, Team Liquid - US $ 20,000 This victory also named Nikola "NiKo" Kovač as MVP HLTV version. FaZe Clan also has the right to bring a typical EPICENTER trophy and establish the position as the best in the event.