Cycle polo is a team sport, similar to traditional polo, except that bicycles are used instead of horses. There are 2 versions of the sport: grass and Hardcourt Bike Polo

Polo is the style of hockey in which two teams of watch riders participate. This game was played only on the back of the horse for the 19th century, but later it has invented other types of water polo, ice polo, elite polo, bicycle polo and bike polo.

As "Garadholu" is also known in the northern areas of Pakistan. It is called 'Gorodh Ghal' in the local language. In this game, ordinary children take part in the game and play polo while riding on a donkey with great skill in control of the donkeys without the help of donkeys. Our home tournament is often held in Horse Polo, but the Elephant and Cycling Polo game is probably a stranger game for the populace people. This week, read about the Allies Palo and Cycle Polo.

Cycle polo

Bicycle polo is played by sitting on the back of the bicycle rather than sitting at the horse's back. The field of action is 150 meters long, while the length of non-governmental sports is 120 to 150 meters when the width is 80 to 100 meters. In the game, one inch diameter ball is used, while the length of the stack is 3 meters, which is metal metal at the end. Each team consists of 6 players, out of which 4 players play in the field, while the remaining two players wait for their turn as alternatives. Game duration consists of 30 minutes.

The two halves, which are called "Chakkar", are about seven minutes each, relaxing intervals are between 15 minutes. If the score is up till the end of the match, the two teams are given a short time. If a team fails, the anti-team gets free from 15 to 25 minutes away. The yellow card is shown as a warranty by the intentional fauul player, and if the same player repeat its action again, it is redirected out of the field and redirects it to the replacement player.

The creator of the bicycle Polo, 

Irishkie County, was the editor of "cyclone" and "Jay the Irish cycling magazine", which was editorial about Harry Polo and participated in the Polo contests with cycling. After retirement from the bicycle game, he developed an outline of combining cycling and polo and experimenting with cyclists in the cycle of cycling. For this, he sat on the seat of a bicycle and took a long stick with a wooden hammer.

From this, he hit the football ball, hit his fixed round post. After some days, the game introduced the game at the counter level. In 1891, the Pahlavi Polo match was played between the "Curvila" town "Sculp", "Ruth Clark Rovers" and "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh". The game reached the United Kingdom and America at the end of the 19th century. This game was played at the American style cycling set of ancient style in America. The first international match was held between Britain and Ireland in 1901.

In 1908, it was featured in the London Olympics as an exhibition in which Ireland's team showed a wonderful medal by staging Germany's strong team by winning a gold medal. The popularity of the game after becoming teams at the League in the UK in the UK in 1930 The whole country After the French League was established, it became popular in France, and later the international tournament was held between France and Britain. During the Second World War, the game was lost from the UK, but the league levels in France were still over, there are still teams with whom the league is held.

The game began to be held again in the UK after the 1970s. In 1980, the United States and India were set up as two major Cyclone Polo teams. The United States Bicycle Polo Association was established in 1994. In 1996, the first world championship of Cyclo Polo was held in America's "Richland", in which India won the first world title, it was held every year in various countries of the world. In 2001, International Cycling Union was formed, with members in Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Germany, France, Canada, India, America, Pakistan, New Zealand, Ireland, Malaysia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland Included. The World Organization announced the sporting official status.

Horse polo

Horse Polo Cocktail is also popular in ancient times in India, Maharashtra of Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Alor. After the establishment of the British government on India, this game was also popularized in the British Army. After the Second World War, when the use of horses in the British Army was reduced, soldiers began to use the psychiatric for the game of polo and the local residents also saw their cycle Cycling Polo.

In India in 1966, the game grew publicly, and in the same year Jabalpur, Rajasthan, Rajasthan Cycle Plovdation of India was formed. His first tournament was held in New Delhi in 1970. In 1973, Men's National Championship held at Jaipur, in the same year that women's bicycle polo championship in "Jainjnawo" town of Dhanloid district of Rajasthan In 1973, the "First Merchantes Cycle Polo Tournament" was held in Delhi in 1973. By participating in international competitions, the Bharatiya Cycle Polo team beat strong teams like Canada and America in many Barbarians

So far, there are 8 global tournament events in which, the Bharat won a wonderful game of 4 times, while Canada won 3 times and the United States once a World Cup.

This game is also popular in Nepal. In 2012, Tiger Tapes in Cornelii, Birdia National Park, was held at the "Acumunion Energy Bicycle Polo Cup", in which British team "Pacakakas" defeated Switzerland's EFG team. The European Cup began in 2007, France, Britain, Ireland teams, and France won the first two matches.

There is also a hold of Pakistan in Pakistan, but it has not been popular in public in the public like it. In 2005, Pakistan Cycle Polo team went to India to play a series of 6 matches. In Amritsar, there was a competition between the two countries, in which India won the series by defeating Pakistan.

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