For many people the BASE jump is an unknown sport and for a large part of society they do not admit it as a sport, due to the large number of deaths that have occurred in many of its practitioners and therefore should not be practiced.

Extreme sports or adventure have been gaining many followers worldwide over the years and one of these extreme sports is the BASE jump.

The BASE jump is as dangerous as any other extreme sport. when practicing this sport you can get to have wounds or you can even die. Those who practice this sport must have a behavior that leads them to do it safely, so you should plan each jump and only perform it in optimal conditions. You must have information about this sport and receive the instructions and proper training, to perform each practice under strict supervision; In addition, specific equipment must be used.

Its origin is based fundamentally on skydiving, but its execution is totally different; since it consists in jumping to the void from fixed objects (it can be a building, an antenna, a bridge or a cliff) without initial speed to land by using the parachute.

Difference between skydiving and BASE jumping

BASE. are the initials of the four categories of objects from which you can jump: 'Building', 'Antenna', 'Span' and 'Earth'.

For many practitioners of this extreme sport, BASE means freedom, speed, flying freely, enjoy the beautiful environment and makes you change the way you see things, in addition the BASE jump gives everything, but you can also remove it in seconds , including your life.

The wingsuit

The use of the wingsuit or suits of wings in the BASE jump was fundamentally to be able to get away from the wall as much as possible, but currently it is the opposite; since many times flights are made near the wall, the ground, the trees, rocks, that is, they look for impossible flight lines and make them possible.

And would you encourage yourself to practice this dangerous extreme sport? I would like to know your opinion about it