My Childhood Games, Part One (Rubber Band Playing)
I was born in the 90's when console games ain't introduced widely in Nigeria .The activities we engaged on are virtually different from what we do now. Before console games start dominating (X-Box, PlayStations, iPhone tablets etc.), kids in the 90's have gotten many activities and recreations that kept us busy and entertained. My next posts will speak on the games, Sit back, Relax, and Enjoy while I take you on an Adventure. Rubber Band Throwing: This was the most popular game back then. It was almost impossible to drive by and not see kids at street corners, primary school classrooms, and by compound fences playing this game. The Rubber Band Game is a game that's played by throwing rubber bands on top other rubber that's on a surface (floor).The game also has characters like Baba Nla (this is a rubber that was made big by throwing it into kerosene), Sekere (rubber taped with metalic object from the tube of toothpastes) etc. The man with the most rubber bands was almost like the drug lord of the area. He decides whom to play with, when to play and the type of game he wants. He goes to any playing Arena with his followers.Before the game starts, each players dialogue and also set up with an agreeable conditions, peradventure night falls or their ain't winner. The picture above describes a Single Man Game. This part looks boring because it involve a player. He either play this game to improve his throwing skills or for fun. In this part, there is neither a winner or a loser.The Two or More Men Game is the most interesting part. Why? Because It involves spectators just like other sports. They also make it challenging when they chant, hail or boo either of the players. In this game, the winner carry all and share few with his followers. The losers also get lasting (that's what we call it), only if the winner gives out.I recalled almost been beating by an opponent, then I went against the conditions. Thanks to my friends and followers who supported me. Did you play with rubber bands back then, share your experience in the comment section below.Thanks for stopping by,Read, Upvote, and CommentPeaceEasyboi.

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