Another year of Fantasy Premier League is over and it was not the easy one because of the COVID-19. It took more than a year for the league to conclude.

As promised, there was 3500 SCR in our prize pool to give away at the end of this league. Here is the distribution:

As it stands, here is the final top 15 of the SPL league:

Like the last season, I take pride in finishing at the 10th spot of the league. Congratulation to all the winners and here are our top 3 Scorum users:
1. @drok - Flying Dutchmen
2. @awd2 awd2
3. @callmekeni- Ctrl+alt deligt

The rewards of 3500 SCR have been sent to the winners as:

If I made any mistakes, please let me know in the comments.

Finally, thanking all the sponsors (@ronaldo420, @bdn, @dexpartacus, @giornalista, @trcoach,@izge, @sport-frei,@mikey, @julienbh)

SEE You again next Season.