There is a big chance Kevin De Bruyne will come back this weekend in premier league,but probbably he will stay on the bench this saturday against Burnley because he still lacks fittnes.Maybe he will come in to play a bit but still is not recommended to be picked in fantasy premier league.Manchester city will play in tuesday against Shaktar in champions league but there's a big chance he won't play there either,altough he could be expected even as a starter in their premier league game against Tottenham where he will probbably have some minutes on the pitch.He hasn't played for a while and it's under a question how will he perform.He will probbably need some time on the pitch to recover his form and his fittnes.De Bruyne was the best player of Manchester City last season and this injury was a real hit for them but they have a lot of good players in their team so it wasn't so hard to find someone to replace him.He had injuries of this type in his past but they weren't serious as this one was becuase now he didn't play for 2 months.