First of all! I love Rich Piana so much! He is the biggest bodybuilder i ever seen.

I was on vacation when i heared about Rich passed away. I was so sad :( 

Rich piana was one of the biggest stars in body building, not because he had big physique.He was real legend. He openly talked about using steroid, taking drugs or something. He was always telling truth!

Piana endured a heart assault while he was getting a hair style from his sweetheart. Also, at the plain minute he was standing and as he showed at least a bit of kindness assault he fell and knock his head.

 He was raced to the doctor's facility. Be that as it may, in the wake of burning through about fourteen days in an incited trance like state to attempt and decrease swelling to the mind.

RIP Rich Piana

Before you go watch this video