A talk with Robert, my trainer.


If you think you can achieve the best results just with sweat and efforts...you are wrong .... I discovered that a very important thing is to be driven by a real pro.

I've never been able to find an explanation as to how an orthopedic mattress can bring healing to a painful situation like back pain.

What I think is that ones are probably useless systems that only lead to spending money for a bad health condition. It has happened to me several times that after sleeping and resting throughout the night, in the morning we woke up with strong joint pains, especially in the most stressed area, that is the lumbar area.

Why is this happening? Why do you have severe joint pains after a good night's sleep? Although the mattress is orthopedic and has been paid £ 1,000!

The answer is simple. I discovered that thanks to Robert. Because in a situation of rest and not activity, the blood is present in the muscles in very few amounts. The only physical condition that allows the body to feel good and have no pain is the one that allows it to use the muscle as a whole.

The cell that allows all this is called pericyte , which regulates the blood flow in the muscle micro-circulation.

The task of a good personal trainer is not to do stretching or Pilates to those who suffer from back pain, but to make use of all the muscles that certainly has never been solicited before, doing small exercises of mobility with simple contraction, on the affected areas.

The slightest effort for the best result! I love my trainer