Simple as this question may seem, I guarantee you it can be pretty hard for some people to actually come up with a definitive answer. I personally did struggle with it for a moment. The thing is, I was one of those kids that would fake sickness in school in order to skip physical exercise class, or to not attend anything sports related. I had never understood why people got so fascinated with it in the first place, for boys at least that made sense, for girls? A whole level of confusion for me. I understood some people made a career out of it, I just never understood why...To be honest, I work best mentally than I do physically, plus I don't like the idea of sweat on my body, or my body being strained..Bad I know, but that's just who I am.

In my quest to find answers to this question, I did find some very interesting answers, some of which I might add really challenge me to do better for myself, well, at least physically. Most of us think of sports as a way of entertainment & career choices, which it is, but, it turns out there's a whole lot more into sports than I imagined.

Physical & Mental Health- Living in a world where robots, computers and video games seems to be taking over, I can understand why some parents maybe pushy with their kids to be more active physically. Not only is it great for them health wise, it is also super important for their mental growth. It helps develop some mental and physical toughness that comes in handy in their life.

Social Skills- Kids who hardly participate in any form of sports may grow up to be very socially awkward which is a major reason most schools are actually really keen on sports. However, it is very important to match the right sport with each kids maturity to ensure a well balanced life. It is a  great character building aspect. 

Monotony of Life- Sports also offers a way out of a daily routine kind of lifestyle, thereby helping kids develop more skills set, as well as find new interests.

Keeps Kids Off the Street- While it is true that in some parts of the world sports has helped to keep kids off the street, away from engaging in unwarranted social behavior, sports does also help to instill very invaluable life lessons to such kids, giving them an opportunity to a better life.

Team Spirit- I am sure if you have worked in any organization before you know how crucial having team work as a skill is a glorified 'skill'. All the more reason to encourage kids to get involved in sports for future purposes. Sports in a way helps kids to develop a sense of team spirit and friendliness towards others.

Responsibility- Last but not least, sports has been known to help kids eliminate mental exhaustion hence it is a very integral part of any kids education life...And it can also help kids learn time management and responsibility.

Do you have/ Know of Sporty Kids? Given a Chance, Which Sport Would you Play for the Rest of your life?

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<3 Elsie.