For some serious sports injuries, doctors recommend surgical treatment so that you could resume your normal activities without any difficulty. If you are also planning for ACL surgery then you must be aware of the procedure of this surgery means how the ACL placed in the knee joints surgically.

For the best and safe results of the surgery following steps are performed during the ACL surgical procedure

Choosing The Ideal Type Of ACL Graft

Basically, there are three types of ACL grafts including patellar tendon, hamstring tendon, and cadaver grafts. Each type of graft has some pros and cons so it is important to choose the best suitable graft for the patient. Only the specialist can take this difficult decision after considering the tears of patient's ACL grafts.


The first step of the diagnosis Arthroscopy Surgery is to insert the arthroscope into the damaged knee joint so that clear idea about the joint damage can be taken after which the doctor confirm for the ACL tear and extent of joint damage.

Harvesting and Preparation

After the diagnosis, an ACL tear is confirmed then the next step is to obtain the graft means harvesting the graft. If the doctor chooses surgery with donor graft then the tissue is thawed and if the patient himself is the donor for graft then with an incision tissue is obtained.

After obtaining the graft next important step is to prepare it so that new ACL of accurate length and width can be prepared with some trimming to make it best fit in the required knee joint.

Tibial and Femoral Tunnel

Next important step of the surgery is to create the place for new trimmed ACL so that it could sit within the knee. ACL is set in the center of the knee joint and attached to the bone above and below the joint so with the drill Tibial tunnel in the shin bone is made that ends at the knee joint where the ACL is to be attached with the shin bone.

After the creation of tibial tunnel, the drill is passed through the middle of the joint to make the second tunnel called femoral tunnel that is made from inside the knee up to the end of the femur

Passing the Graft

Through the two tunnels, the ACL is passed into the central position of the knee joint that takes the place of old ACL.

Securing The Femoral And Tibial Side Of The Graft

It is the final step of the surgery in which the graft is solidly fixed in its position by securing it from both ends of both tunnels with the use of screw made up of metal, plastic dissolvable material or of calcium-based substance. Sometimes doctors may also recommend for some particular type of material for fixing the grafts so that patient could have better graft and in some cases, metal screws are removed after a year after ensuring the fixed and right position of ACL in the knee joint.