We often see other people and make a judgment. Then we compare ourselves with them. Some people are good at certain sports and other people are good at other sports.

Be yourself [image source]

If you see someone's physical fitness and shape, you think you are not up to the standard, that's your thoughts. And it will make you insecure.

You might see some perfect body on Instagram and you think their life is so perfect. You cannot be like them. Please don't think like that. What you see Instagram, that is not real life. It is because people always put their best picture over there and every picture you see on Instagram has been altered and perfected.

If you want to get something done properly, you have to focus on that. Observe your thoughts and your actions. It is so easy to get caught up in the external world. You do your best to cultivate more awareness so that you can recognize when your energy is being drawn outwards. Stop playing the blame game or controlling situations or other people.

Just you need to shift the focus to yourself. How are you behaving? How are you treating other people? Are you loving and compassionate right now? You have to remind yourself that how you react to a particular situation, that’s up to you. You can handle your thoughts, words, and actions. If other people want to do XYZ, let them go. Everyone is responsible for their action, and you are not liable for that. What is best for them, it’s not up to you to decide, let them decide what to do.

Being in a relationship, any kind of relationship, romantic or friendship means allowing the other person to be who they are and loving them no matter what.

Be grateful for what you have right now. Nothing is permanent in this world. If you really have a bad time, it will go away, and things are going to get better. Start going to the gym or yoga class or whatever you like. Let’s shift the awareness to the internal. Focus on you and observe the inner peace.