The objectives of the plan:

1. Reducing the amount of subcutaneous fat.

2. Increased muscle relief.

3. The development of strength endurance.

Difficulty - hard

I must say that this training plan is not suitable for beginners. In this loaf the same muscles are loaded. That is, you alternate 2 exercises on the same muscle, which is very hard. If you are new to this business, but you want to study using supersets, then try the program suggested above.

Of course, there is no difference for burning fat, whether your supersets consist of exercises for the same muscles or for different muscle groups. But, however, such a training plan is more prone to a set of muscle mass. Since a more targeted “attack” on a specific muscle group will push them to growth more strongly. Naturally, with this approach it will not be possible to lift large weights, as the muscles will very quickly get tired. Especially girls (as a rule) do not need big weights.

For those who still do not know what supersets are, I will explain. You perform the first approach of the first exercise. Then, without rest, perform the first approach of the second exercise. Then - rest. Thus, one of your approaches consists of two dual approaches. This is a superset - an approach consisting of several approaches.

First training

1. Twisting on an inclined bench (3-4x10-20)

Lifting the legs on an incline bench (3-4x10-20)

2. Squats with a barbell on the shoulders (3-4x10-20)

Walking on the stand with dumbbells in your hands (3-4x10-20)

3. Deadlift with dumbbells (3-4x10-20)

Hyperextension (3-4x10-20)

4. Bench press lying (3-4h10-20)

Divorces with dumbbells lying (3-4x10-20)

5. Thrust to the chest from the upper block with a wide grip (3-4x10-20)

Thrust dumbbell in the slope (3-4х10-20)

Second training

1. Lifting the legs in the legs (3-4x10-20)

Twisting lying on the floor (3-4x10-20)

2. Squatting with a dumbbell between the legs (3-4x10-20)

Lunges with dumbbells (3-4x10-20)

3. Bench press from behind the head standing (3-4x10-20)

Swing dumbbells to the sides (3-4x10-20)

4. Thrust horizontal block (3-4x10-20)

Pullover with dumbbell lying (3-4x10-20)

5. Push-ups from the back of the bench (3-4x10-20)

Arm extension from the upper block (3-4x10-20)

Those girls who train three times a week can simply alternate these workouts. But it will be even more difficult option. It is better to start with three approaches in each superset. Each exercise to perform approximately 15 repetitions. It is desirable that by the time you fit in 1.20.

As you get comfortable, you can increase the number of repetitions or reduce the rest between sets. This is if you want to focus on burning fat. If you want to concentrate on gaining muscle mass, then you need to go the other way. Namely - gradually increase the weight or add a fourth approach. Everything at once to add and increase will not work. Therefore, decide what is more important to you, and follow one of two ways to increase the load.

Good luck, dear women!