The objectives of the plan:

1. Increase the strength and muscle mass.

2. Make the body more attractive.

3. Learn the technique of basic exercises.

Difficulty - Medium

Not all women dream of losing weight. Some, on the contrary, come to the gym to gain muscle mass, because they are already thin. From the male plan for mass gain, this training plan is mainly distinguished by the fact that here more emphasis is placed on the buttocks and legs. Rarely, what girl wants her huge biceps, but no one will refuse the bulging and elastic priests.

The plan is designed for beginners. This means that all the exercises in it are quite simple in terms of technology. Most of the exercises - with free weights, as these exercises are better contribute to gaining weight than in simulators. The program - 3 workouts. But you can train and 2 times a week, just alternating these workouts. Then you will do every workout every 9 - 10 days.

In the matter of gaining weight, not only training is important, but also nutrition. We can assume that if a girl is thin - it is difficult for her to gain weight at all. Therefore, no special diets are not necessary. The main thing - try to eat 3 - 4 times a day. And after training you need to eat as quickly as possible. Well, now, in fact, the plan.

First training

1. Twisting on an inclined bench (3x10-20)

2. Hyperextension (3x10-20)

3. Squats with a barbell on the shoulders (4-5x6-12)

4. Push-ups from the bench or from the knees with a wide grip (3-4x8-15)

5. Hand-hold in a simulator (3-4x10-15)

6. Thrust behind the head from the upper block (4x8-15)

7. Pullover with dumbbell lying (3x10-15)

Second training

1. Lifting the legs in support (3x10-20)

2. Deadlift with dumbbells (4-5x8-15)

3. Lunges with dumbbells (4x8-15)

4. Bench press standing with a chest (4x8-12)

5. Push-ups from the back of the bench (4x10-15)

6. French bench press with standing dumbbells (3-4x10-15)

7. Mahi dumbbells to the side (3x10-15)

Third training

1. Twisting lying on the floor (3x10-20)

2. Slopes with a barbell on the shoulders (4x10-15)

3. Squatting with dumbbells (4-5x10-15)

4. Bench press lying (4-5h8-15)

5. Thrust horizontal unit (4x10-15)

6. Thrust from the upper block to the chest with a parallel grip (4x10-15)

7. Broach with a bar standing (3x10-15)

As you noticed, each workout begins with a press exercise. Then there are two exercises on the lower back, buttocks and legs. Then - the upper body. Exercises specifically directed to either the biceps - no. He will continue to evolve with different rods.

Some exercises may seem purely masculine to you, but in reality there are no “male” and “female” exercises (except for the Kegel exercise). All exercises equally affect men and women. Most of the exercises you have to do with the barbell and dumbbells. And do not be afraid of this. Just take to start light barbells and dumbbells.

The number of approaches you need to do from three to four. In general, I like the exercise - 4 approaches, I do not like - 3. This is for a start. Then you can increase to five. The number of times is from 10 to 15. In each workout there are only 7 exercises (for women it is not much), but they are quite heavy in terms of energy costs. Training should not take more than one and a half hours. In the ideal - 1.10 - 1.20.

Can I give any guarantees? If you eat and exercise correctly, then in 2 months of training with this program you will gain about 4-5 kg ​​of muscles. For women, this is a very good result.