Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea has not been satisfied with the team's 8-game winning streak.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who has been in charge of the interim supervision, has set the championship title at the top of the list this season. It is the most realistic way to be in the league fourth, yet Manchester United is ranked sixth in the English Premier League after Liverpool, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea and Arsenal.

For this reason, De Gea is not satisfied with his current record. It is because they are likely to advance to the Champions League if they take the Big Four unconditionally. "I'm sure there are good results," he said we are still out of the Champions League and we are very far from winning the Premier League. I am happy with my winning streak now, but I am not satisfied with the overall situation. "

De Gea emphasized that Manchester United is a team that should challenge the championship. "This club has to fight for the title. I am getting confidence and I am trying to achieve my goal for the rest of the season. I want to win the match and go to the Champions League to play well. "

He said it was not about the possibility of winning the league. However, when the league is over, he is determined to do his best to reach the big four. Chelsea will be in fourth place soon as they lose 3 points, so they are more desirable.