Maybe Manchester United is in a crisis, but Jose Mourinho did not lose his sense of humor, the "Special" made a new show at today's press conference.

"Devils" three matches without a win, after the disappointing Wolverhampton Wanderers at Old Trafford followed the Derby Derby in the League Cup and defeated West Ham in the Premier League.

Before Manchester United is now a match with Valencia in the Champions League, and Jose Mourinho is "burning" after a series of poor results, but despite that, the "Special" did not lose the sense of humor.

At today's press conference, a journalist from Spain asked him if there was any truth in the story that Zinedine Zidane had called him to ensure he was not trying to take his job.

Instead of giving a specific answer, Mourinho told the Spanish journalist to turn back and put the same question to the person sitting behind him (a San Francisco journalist) because he wrote the news.

The journalist who wrote the story then replied: "Yes, yes, I really called him," and extorted a smile from everyone present in the room.

The journalist from Spain then asked a new question whether Mourinho could disclose details of the conversation, after which the Manchester United coach said: "He is eavesdropping on my phone behind you, so ask him."