Real Madrid has gone 5 hours and 19 minutes without a goal. That kind of thing never happened over the last decade in the days of Ronaldo and Zidane. But I don't think we are playing badly, we just lacking hunger and reliable finisher. In the last recent games, we are keeping the position, our midfielder creating enough chances but we are still in the drought of goal because of only finishing issue. We are really struggling in attacking. Bale is being injury prone, Benzema returns in his old days after beautiful first 3 games of the season and there is no one to be Ronaldo and replace his goals. Selling Ronaldo was a bad move but I don't think that is the reason for our failing. The issue is not replacing him.

Lopetegui tested almost everything. He played isco in the winger, didn't work. He played without Modric, didn't work. He changed the line up too often in every part of the field but didn't work. Now I believe we have to start with Mariano or Vincious in the attack. We can't believe in Benzema every time or we will be out of the race. Asensio is overrated and makes too many changes but we have no choice for him. Bale is injury prone and we can't see him as a reliable source of goals. We need a strong striker. Mariano needs to start as soon as possible. So far he is not been given a start. He played against Roma and scored a brilliant goal. He came on against CSKA and hit the post. Vincious also made a good impression in his debut. They may have to play more to see what they really have. Modric and Kroos should start together in every game because of their understanding to each other. I believe with Vincious or Mariano on attack and Modric and Kroos on midfield, we can find score like before otherwise, this drought will go long.