Reserve players are able to replace the leaders.

The “coaching team” stamp is ideally applicable to Liverpool - Klopp's ideas stand out even against the background of powerful competitors. The paradox is that Merseyside terribly depended on the form of the leaders in each season of Jurgen.

Lallana, Coutinho and Mané were the most influential on the results. There were no decent alternatives. Adam combines cool technique and smart reading of the game - in fact, it was he who headed the Klopp pressure. Phillippe has one unique quality - goals from a distance the Brazilian either opened the game or solved it at the right moment.

The importance of Mane came to light during the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations. Liverpool went up to him in the Premier League leaders, without Sadio scored two points out of nine and sank in the quality of the game. Before the arrival of Salah, the Senegalese was the only one who gave speed in the attack. It was a quarter of all team strokes, in a section without him, Liverpool created a quarter less obvious moments.

This season there is no such dependence on the leaders. Firstly, teamwork has an effect - Klopp has been working with Liverpool for more than three years. Secondly, the ideas of Jurgen evolve - the team gives the ball, leading in the long run, not pressing as intensively as before, due to this more reliable defense.

The results are well illustrated by the progress, the decisions of Jurgen and the visual impressions of the game - even better. The club did not take a player to replace Coutinho - there are few of them on the market, but Liverpool does not need it. Lallana even after the return does not go into the squad - of course, this was influenced by the shape of Adam himself, but the team banally goes without him.

In the fall, Liverpool did not deteriorate even due to the decline of Salah and Firmino's injury. The reasons listed above definitely helped Klopp. Another hiding behind the depth of the squad - the bench, Liverpool allows you to ignore the regress of the top scorer and the absence of a key player in the attack.

The level of spare players jumped after the purchase of Shaqiri and the revival of Sturridge. Two factors worked here - on the whole, the well-thought-out policy of Liverpool in the transfer market (Xherdan got a discount) and just individual work on himself (Daniel studied Klopp's style in West Bromwich).

Football players benefit in different ways. Sturridge copied the Firmino model - plowing without a ball more, falling more behind the ball, more often opening free zones for Salah. Daniel has changed to fit Klopp's tactics. Jurgen, in turn, did not enter the market, and the team received a worthy alternative to Firmino.

The arrival of Shaqiri allowed the use of another scheme. The base for Liverpool is 4-3-3. With Jerdan in the start, the team moves to 4-2-3-1. The rival does not have time to reorganize in the game itself, Liverpool becomes more flexible in general and, in theory, destroys the "buses" at the gates of the opponents better.

The direct benefit of the substitute was already apparent in four matches. Sturridge elegantly replaced Firmino against PSG and equalized the score after the replacement with Chelsea. Without the performance of Daniel, Liverpool definitely would not lead in the Premier League and would have more problems in the Champions League.

Shaqiri brightly played against Southampton and Huddersfield. In the first I took part in two goals out of three, in the second I gave the winning assist. His through balls and the killer performance of standards - another plus for the team. In this sense, he compensated for the sale of Coutinho and disguised the absence of peak Lallana.

The last in line should be Fabinho. Klopp spent six months on his adaptation, but with him, Liverpool will be even stronger. The Brazilian selects the ball better than Henderson and Wijnaldum, and better insure extreme defenders. With Fabinho, the team will be able to use even more players in the attack without losing the balance.

In previous seasons, Liverpool dropped out of the race for the title at the end of the winter. Now the team is much more likely to hold out until May. Liverpool - the second contender for the title, but approached the City not only in quality of the game, but also in terms of substitutions. This is super important in the league, where you cannot be a team with one plan for the game.