The Old Ladies faced Sampdoria on the last day of the first round 2018 Serie A season. The Old Ladies coached by Allegri wanted to close the first cycle of the championship with a victory and probably close the year with good feelings. The "bianconeros" arrived at the match, after tying at the Stadio Atleti Azzurri d'Italia against Atalanta with a result of 2-2. Juventus are intractable in the Italian league, where they have only conceded four goals in 18 matches played at home. Cristiano would be a starter again against Sampdoria, since he was substitute in the last game. Allegri gave rest to Bonucci , due to the load of matches that the Italian had played since the start of the season.

Juve rival, Sampdoria , came to the game in a good form with their recent performance. The Genoese team arrived at Juventus Stadium after chaining three consecutive victories . The blue team is making a great season in Serie A, currently occupying the fifth position. The "Baciccia" has been the revelation team in the first round in the Italian championship. Their great star Quaglierella, came to the game against the leader of Serie A on a back to back scoring sprees. The Italian forward has scored eight goals in his last nine games. Sampdoria really tried to get a victory against the team "bianconero", and probably be the first team to get a victory at Juventus Stadium this season in Serie A, and also with the hope of reaching the Champions League spots.


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Juventus went ahead early on the scoreboard with a goal in the 2nd minute by Cristiano Ronaldo who made a perfect finish to give the Bianconeros the lead. The goalkeeper of Sampdoria, E. Audero , could do more in the first goal of the Turin team. The Genoese team was dominated by Allegri's men in the first fifteen minutes of the match. However, Juve little by little began to lose the hegemony, which they had shown in the first minutes. Sampdoria began to create dangerous attacks and approach the goal of Perin more often. The VAR was the protagonist at half an hour of the game. A faulty clearance with the arm of Emre Can, was going to be reviewed by Paolo Valeri. The referee, after reviewing the play, pointed to the penalty spot . Quagliarella converted the penalty and tied the game. The end of the first part was a succession of occasions by both teams. Dybala with a shot from outside the area, was the closest one to make a goal, but Audero avoided it with a stretched to keep the match at bay before the first half ends.


The Turin team came out with another face after the break. Cristiano Ronaldo with a shot from outside the area was about to overtake his team again, but unfortunately the ball was crashed on the crossbar. The VAR returned to be protagonist in the second part. The referee indicated a penalty, after reviewing the play, in which a Genoese defender committed a penalty. Cristiano scored his second goal in the game, after converting the penalty, and made it his fourteenth goal in the Serie A. The Portuguese is now the top scorer of the Italian league. Sampdoria, after the second goal of recovered and Quagliarella twice was close to return to tie the game but the Italian Striker was just too unlucky.

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Allegri brought in Douglas Costa and Bernardechi to look for speed and overflow for the flanks just to end the game. Cristiano and Dybala had so many chances to make it three for their team, but failed to pierce the goal of the Genoese goalkeeper . However, Juve was about to leave two points in the capital of Piedmont. Ricardo Saponara, with a real goal, put the 2-2 on the scoreboard. But the VAR reappeared, and after reviewing the play of the second goal of Sampdoria, the referee canceled the goal for a previous out of play by Ricardo Saponara. Finally, Juventus got the victory and finished the first round of the season with an unbeaten.