The tattoo under Neymar's neck means ar I grew up in a religious family and I believe in God N.

Neymar said the meaning of this tattoo, "" This is the crown of the person to marry, "he explained.

Neymar said that this tattoo would not explain who or what it was for. The star player on this subject '' I can not say the meaning of meaning, a secret '' he said.

Neymar has a portrait tattoo on the right arm of her sister, mother and son

A tattoo that says 'Love' is in the hands of Neymar. The star player said that the tattoo was also in his mother and father.

You can visit the church almost once a week, the star player has a hand tattoo coming from the 'Pray' comment on his arm.

Neymar has a button on her neck for 'tattoo' which is 'everything goes'. Happy times to pass the bad times will not forget to say '' the language was passed.

Neymar's chest contains a short prayer for her father. Neymar said that she had read the prayer before her matches.

In Neymar's right hand, she writes the name and date of the birth of her son, David.

This tattoo, made before the Champions League championship with Barcelona, ​​represents the most important cup for Neymar. Adao Rosa doing the tattoo on this, '' he wanted to beat this cup because it was a very important goal for his life, '' he said.

Neymar's family, IV (Four), written in Roman numerals; represents his father, mother, brother and himself.

Life is a serious issue, mes Neymar said in a previous interview. We should not take everything very seriously because we have one life '' he said.

This tattoo of Neymar's feet reveals the star's character and fun in the field.

Neymar's left calf behind his back in the hands of the child, Neymar'ın shantytown neighborhood where he lived as a child, dreams and where he wants to go. In one of her previous interviews, Neymar wrote, Çocuk When I was a kid, I always thought of football. Thank God he gave me this present. Even more than my dreams. Now I want to go further '' had used the words.

Adao Rosa, who made all of Neymar's tattoos, explained their meaning. Here's Neymar's tattoos and their meaning ...