It is arguable whether football or Marley were the greater instigator of peace..

..I'd say they both deserve credit in their own right; it's just that few things make me happier than relaxing to Bob Marley and even watching him speak and play ball.

He was a man free of restraint and ill will towards his fellow man. Bob would have been 74 years old today, and I guarantee he'd still have the voice and soul of an angel.

Few men have motivated me the way Bob has.. even at my lowest I can bump Exodus and feel alright. Put on that Legend album and as many hits of Bob's as you have, it's his birthday so pull out the cannabis, the football, and enjoy the day outside.

This is less sports related and more life related, but Bob deserves recognition on most every platform. Respect the rasta legend who wanted a better world for us all.

I've left a video of Bob playing some ball right outside his hotel. He actually has some good speed and handles, maybe could've been a pro if he had chosen that path.

Rest in power brother Bob! No more prices to pay, we're just jammin ya'll.