The Egyptian and al ahly legend said African league players are more worthy of playing for there countries rather than there European counterparts. The former African footballer of the year says All African National teams should call only local players. You will watch passionate football with fire, hunger and good style. Nobody will be scared of tackles because in his head he is thinking about Liverpool or Madrid while playing for his country. Our local players would give us our traditional football pride back. These other players they don't even want to be too committed because they think if I get injured on national duty I will lose my place at Arsenal blah blah. But when it's time to go to the World cup they pretend as if they cared while they didn't. Take local players even to the world cup just to teach lessons to European based African Players that we can play football without them and do great despite where we are playing. Taking Local Players to World Cups would open eyes even to FIFA that now Africa wants to build their own football journey and be independent like Europe and stop being a feeding talent to other continents. Block all the sales of local players and supply them with what they want and stay home entertain Africa, then our football would be back.