Who follows my blog, I’m aware of the fact that I do laser cutting on wood as a hobby. I finally matured to try to monetize it.

Since I live in St. Petersburg, the first work, of course, I chose the St. Petersburg Zenit. Not that I was sick of football, but the results I watch all the time, I rather get statistically ill. I prefer eSports, so the following works will be eSports.

You can support my undertaking with an by upvote, with a comment or with a subscription on a social network (this is especially important, since for the time being they are practically inactive).

Oh yeah, I think taking orders for SCR tokens, but I haven’t yet figured out how to make a fixed price depending on the course, or try to play them at some competition, but I haven’t yet come up with anything here either. You can always find me in the Writers Chat or in a personal in telegram @fourApril

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Write in the comments the emblem of which team you would like to see next. I'll try to choose and make the most interesting.